Monday, February 07, 2005

just my personal experience, but…

Time is getting short! So much to write, so much else to do, so little time for both. The "date" is one month from today (and February is a short month!), unless things happen early – which is always possible too. Looking back, here’s a summary according to my experience:

The truth: Pregnant women drop things and are generally clumsy.
The lie: Pregnant women "glow."

Good idea: Naps.
Bad idea: Tropical fruit Tums.

What everyone tells you: "After the baby, your life will never be the same."
What no one tells you: Your life was already changed forever after the pregnancy test came back positive.

The beauty of it all: Mike’s face when my belly undulates like a wave pool.
The rub: In the end, I’m still in this alone.

The part you’ll want to forget: The first three months.
The part you’ll want to remember: Every time your midwife found the heartbeat and announced "Happy baby!"

One of the most frustrating parts: You have to go to the bathroom every half-hour.
The perfect irony: In a few weeks, you’ll be lucky if you can get to the bathroom at all.

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Anonymous said...

Do please keep blogging! I am nervous and excited and a perfect stranger who lurks on your blog wanting to hear more.

So on those trips to the bathroom, few and far between, sometime late March, stop by the computer and drop a line or two for us, won't you???


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