Monday, November 14, 2005

snacking between meals

Everyone I talk to in my life that knows I write keeps asking me if I’ve been able to get back to writing since the baby. I tell them yes, a little. I have a regular sitter now and…blahblahblah…trying to create a schedule…yammer yammer... And then I tell them even when I don’t get to anything else, I am keeping up with my blog…they nod vacantly…which I’ve had since I was pregnant…they add in an idle "Oh."…I try to write in it as regularly as I can. … (silence)…about my experiences…(become distracted by street noise) …I mention that I’m trying to use some of the pieces I started on the blog and revise them to submit to various mama publications … "So, how’s Mike doing?" they want to know. …

I find it fascinating that all these people are so supportive of my passion, but none of them would really go so far as to engage me in further conversation about what I tell them I am writing or, I know it’s nuts, actually READ what I write.

Am I to assume that blogging is something like potato chips? It’s kinda food, but it doesn’t count as lunch.


tracy said...

it's always weird for me when my friends *laugh* when i say i have a blog. laughter... yeeeaaaaah. weird. i usually then make a note to self that i will not be sharing the url with them. i guess i just figure skeptics are just going to read it looking for something *wrong* with me. maybe it's paranoia on my part....

Monterey John said...

Hey Kitty, just screwed up a comment, so I'll do it again.

A little blatant self-promotion: I found a video host and granddaughter Ava is up and running. Pay a visit, she'd love to hear from you. I still think she's a perfect match for your little man.

As for blogging, I went dead for a month. I think it was/is depression. But Ava helps out in that regard.

Read your earlier post about "touristville." The Central Coast is that way. I HATE fighting my way along 68 or Reservation Road. But, the place sure has its comsolations!

What happened to your pic?


DDK23 said...

I have this same problem. Some people were so nosy about when we were going to have a baby. Then when we told them, and I gave them a link to the blog it was like they were no longer interested in anything. I have been keeping a blog to help involve people in the pregnancy (there are only so many times I feel like repeating "no, no morning sickness"). I think blogs are still lost on the majority of people out there. They don't realize they are free to comment or ask for further input. I even made that request once. Of course I did have one response....but that was from the one person who does already consistently comment (who also got me started blogging). I guess it is just fear of not knowing how to correctly respond for most people

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