Wednesday, February 08, 2006

party house

So, we've moved into this house, right. And, it just so happens that it is the perfect party house. It has a huge driveway - ample off street parking for the first arrivals, a yard for BBQs and carousing, and a bathroom outside. No, not an outhouse, a real bathroom. See, there's this unfinished addition in the back that now amounts to a patio with a utility room and extra bath off to the side. Truly, once I can stay up past 8:00pm, watch out, par-tee.

In just a couple weeks, my little one will turn a whole YEAR OLD. Unbelievable. I'm sure I'll freak out more about that in another entry, but meantime, we are planning to put together a kind of combo housewarming/birthday deal soon, and so I was thinking... How many one-year-olds have keggers for their big day? Why not grab the present moment to take advantage of our party house? It could be a tradition, in fact. Isaac's birthday could be a real kick ass time every year. He wouldn't know anything else. It's dangerous but true that you as parent set "normal" for your child. Ha. Think about that one while you're deciding which 80s CD to put in over dinner.

Of course, there is the intrusive outside world. I mean, once he made it to kindergarten, say, he could possibly have questions. Questions like "Mommy, why do other kids have their birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheeze?" to which I'd naturally reply, something in the ballpark of "Cause they're wusses, Isaac, now knock the head off that brewsky and slide it over to your mommy, will ya, kid?"

Look, if I don't get a book deal, at least I can give my kid a chance at a juicy memoir.


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Anonymous said...

There's a Calvin and Hobbes where our hero and his tiger are discussing this very thing. Hobbes looks at Dad, who is coming in from a rousing 10 mile run in the sleet. Hobbes says, "I don't know, I think we'd know normal if we saw it." The kid'll be fine. I'll bring the Arrogant Bastard Ale!

tracy said...

oddly, most of my friends have had keggers for their kiddo's first birthday - because it's the birthday they definitely won't remember (for different reasons than why YOU won't remember it!)

Down the hatch!

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