Friday, May 05, 2006

six…no, seven

I counted. Apparently, I counted a little too soon. By June, six friends will have moved out of the area within a year’s time. Or so I thought. But that was yesterday. In the time it took me to conceive of posting a blog on this subject and actually posting one, one more friend has informed me she will be leaving. Seven. Frankly, I don’t have tons more left. I’m reeling. I have no words, no blog for this.


inkandpen said...


That's hard. I'm so sorry, Kitty.

Mai said...

Oh,no. Kitty... But I hope some of the seven come down to LA...???

Anonymous said...

Damn Kitty, I don't even have 7 friends anywhere. Of course, I've got you and the Mike man here but I'm such a busy loser that we don't see much of each other. I did run into Mike parked on a dark street in front of a strange house with Isaac the other day. Not sure what he was doing there but with the lack of good friends in the area I've learned not to ask any probing questions.
your friend, jerry

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