Wednesday, June 27, 2007

do you remember when mom could fix everything?

Isaac and I are playing the front yard when he halts mid-run and stares at the walk.

“Bee,” he says (bee being his generic word for all bugs).

I come look. It's a dead moth being consumed by a swarm of ants. Nice.

“Yeah, baby, it's a bug,” I confirm.

“Down boom,” he next informs me.

“Yup, it looks like it went down boom.”

“Fly away wings?” he inquires.

“I don't think that one's flying anywhere right now, sweetie.”

“Yeah,” he concludes. “Need mama.”


Anonymous said...

Okay, now THAT one made me cry! Those were, indeed, the days. I think that's why women of my age get antsy for grandbabies...they want that feeling of 'fixing everything', that open, loving trust that only really small people can give.

Anonymous said...

I loved this.

In our house, sadly, it is daddy who fixes everything, not mommy. This is a faith I unknowingly transferred from myself to my husband when, not being able to reach something up high, I explained to my son that we'd have to wait for daddy to get home to get the reached-for item. From that day on, when I can't fix something, my son professes his sure belief that DADDY will fix it. e.g. After drawing in red crayon all over the bench and mommy trying unsuccessfully to clean it off (while lecturing about how crayons are for paper only), darling boy looks me in the eye and says with steely resolution, "daddy fix when come home."

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