Friday, October 26, 2007

how far the apple falls from the tree

Isaac has been whining about Daddy all morning, so we drive up to Mike’s office and meet him for lunch.

We wander together into one of the lunch rooms that shares space with a book exchange library. Isaac takes to the shelves and begins flipping through mystery paperbacks.

“What’s that book about?” Mike asks him.

“Words,” Isaac says plaintively, placing it on the floor and digging out another.

After a brief look, his fears are confirmed: “Dit one ‘bout words too,” he sighs.


Anonymous said...

It'll come, Kitty, it'll come...this romance we have with words, I mean. For Katie it took about 4 years...for David, more like 16. But it will come. When kids are brought up with books and literature, there's no escaping it.

David Weinstock said...

Dit one 'bout words too, he sighs

Oh baby. They're ALL about words.

bobbie said...

I love it!
soon enough, he'll be devouring them just like his dad and mom.

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