Sunday, January 20, 2008

NPR blows it

Exactly one year from today, I will be having a "Mess With Texas" party, celebrating whoever and whatever is elected instead of the Neanderthal that's dragged his knuckles around Pennsylvania Avenue for WAY too long.

I needed to come out of blog hibernation on this auspicious date to register just how tired I am of the media's snide attitude toward Dennis Kucinich. I'm not naïve enough to think he'll win any elections in 2008, but he's the bomb and thank god he's out there and maybe someday he'll be president and why does everyone feel like it's okay to treat him like a child?

Here's the latest evidence – an interview on National Public Radio's “On the Media” in which Brooke Gladstone could hardly contain her contempt. Just listen to her questions and her tone. MSNBC broke their contract with Kucinich, barring him from a recent Democratic debate in Nevada. Period. Contract broken. Nevada Supreme Court ruled in favor of MSNBC. Kucinich claims MSNBC – owned by GE – might not want him up there talking about a nuclear free future, a stop to war. Could he have a point? Uh, YEAH. DUH.

When I looked up the link to the interview for this entry, I was at least heartened to see that the people who left comments on it seemed to agree with me that the questioning was offensive.

Look, NPR, we're all human, but don't blow it on me now. Are we ready for an African-American president? Are we ready for a woman president? Blah, blah, blah. Who the hell cares. The real questions are: Are we ready to treat each other with Dignity and Respect? Are we ready for Peace?


bobbie said...

Let's hear a loud AMEN to that!

Anonymous said...

I will bring food and drink to that party, kiddo! I am sick of George and sick of the media in general. I'd always held out hope via NPR, but I just listened to the interview and it was horrid...What's a freedom-seeking people to do? Judy

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