Monday, June 02, 2008


(Mom, this is for you.)

“Your daughter...”
“...Uh, your son has such beautiful hair.”

Top ten pieces of evidence on how groovy men with long hair are/why I shouldn't cut my son's hair.

10. Long hair plays a part in animals' natural selection since it is associated with health.
9. Zeus, Achilles and Poseidon are all depicted with long hair.
8. Many Native Americans prized long hair in men.
7. Chinese men wore the culturally identifiable long braid down their backs (called a “queue”) beginning in the 17th century.
6. Samson.
5. Orlando Bloom, Owen Wilson, and Johnny Depp (Okay, two out of three isn't bad.)
4. Counterculture movements such as the Rastafarians and the Hippies used long hair to separate themselves from the establishment.
3. Sikh men refuse to cut their hair as one of the most important parts of their religious practice. Their hair – “kesh” - is allowed to grow naturally out of respect for what god created.
2. The hair salons all give out candy.

And although I, frankly, could go on and on, the number one reason, I shouldn't cut my son's hair...
1. He doesn't want to cut it.


bobbie said...

I like #2 best.

But I still wish you'd cut it - just a little bit.

But it is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Way to go for staying true to your (and your son's) beliefs and principles on this one. I succumbed to Grandparent pressures when my son was a little over two. The WWII era grandparents were relieved and the hippie era grandparents were quietly sad that his nest was eliminated.
(The Toy Box in Soquel does not give out candy.)


Dianne said...

I adore your Mom, I think she's one of the most wonderful people I've met here on blog universe.

but ...

I gotta go with all 10 of your reasons, especially #1.

My son wanted to shave his football # into his head when he was 7 or 8 - and I let him. I think it's incredibly important for children to feel a sense of control over their own personal space. and it earned me even more of his trust that I would only argue with him about the important stuff.

Kitty said...

Hey Sally - You're in my neck of the woods (more or less), eh?

Dianne - Feel no remorse countering my dear madre. She's tough and she can take it, besides, she's WRONG.

Pagan Sphinx said...

Yeah, #1. That's the really important one.

I've said on your mom's blog how much I appreciate it when boys have longer hair and not those buzz cuts that make them look like little soldiers about to go to boot camp.

He is a beautiful child, with beautiful hair and if he likes it that way and you like it that way, that's all that matters.

And goodness, you are a great writer! And brilliant.


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