Tuesday, August 12, 2008

birthday present

My son announces that they've wrapped up my birthday books. When I rouse myself from bed on this, the morning of my 39th birthday, he hands me a package wrapped in yesterday's obituary page and tells me, "This is the book I picked out for you at the dump!" I laugh and take it from his delicate hands that have never stilled, since the day he was born they have curled and wiggled, trying to grasp this world that I forgot to wrap for him, though if I had, it would probably have been folded into the obituary page and nevermind because here he is tearing it open, my book from the dump, helping me, one of those hands trying out all of the intricacies of its digits, each of the five with its own idea, struggling to gather themselves to work for a single cause and all the while he is jumping up and down in front of me singing "It's Mama's birthday; It's Mama's birthday!" and all I can think is I really should have gotten him something better, not just this white elephant prize, orb spinning in its own excrement, all of its beautiful forests doomed, and now he's shouting "Hurry! Get it open!" and the paper tears wide and he leaps across the room, lands with his palms spread flat against the blank white wall.


Anonymous said...

I Have to know! What book was it?

inkandpen said...

I'm with mom- what was the dump book? Was it about trucks?

But also: this world? It's the best we have to give, for now. No time machines to retroactively tidy up for company, or children. And the only way out is through... all of our own crap. Yummy.

bobbie said...

Yes, please - what book was it?

The world you gave him may look a bit tattered around the edges to you, but to him, it's shiny and new and exciting. And he will shape it to suit himself.

Kitty said...

my dump book was Paul Reiser's Couplehood. Not too bad a pick for the kiddo, all things considered.

Barbara said...

Nice post, the story and the telling. Sounds like a poem to me.

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