Thursday, February 12, 2009

the bizarre bits of the moment

Isaac's grandmother always wants to hear about the goofy things he says. Isaac quotes are very much in demand. At this stage – on the precipice of the fourth anniversary of his arrival among us earthlings – the volume of amusing – or not – goofy things he says is such that I really couldn't keep up if I tried.

I admit to becoming one of those parents who, when her child informs her that the frisbee in his hand is really a magical strobe light that sends streams of stars toward other planets, is wont to reply with phrases like, “That's nice, honey.” and go about my business. Because, honestly, it is the rare occasion that I am not required to do something with the magical strobe light myself, or when I am free to roam the house without being accosted in some way by said strobe, or that I'm not begged to make various and sundry stuffed animals speak about their impressions while watching stars shoot off into the galaxy, so that if he wants the washing machine to be a volcano from which explosions of lima beans erupt every 12 hours, except when he presses this special button that only he can see located atop the refrigerator and he must wear Daddy's socks on his hands to protect himself from excess applesauce – a natural by-product of this whole phenomenon, I'm all for it, just let me drink my tea; I'll clean up later.

I know, these years go too fast, and I'm a terrible person for not cherishing more every nano-second. I'm okay with that. I excel at being a terrible person.

But, still, to save myself, if that's still possible, in the eyes of a few, and for the sake of his grandmother, I will leave you with this: Instead of a dream last night, Isaac reports that he had this song quietly playing in his head:

Twinkle little star.
An octopus fell into the mud.
He found water under the mud.
Hippo, hip-hip-hip-hippo.
The lion knocked down a building.

If you ask really nicely, I might upload the video covering an expose on wildebeests. Maybe. If I'm feeling in the mood to embrace the moment.


bobbie said...

Thank you, Darlin'.

I know you love cliche - so - "familiarity breeds contempt" It isn't really that bad of course. You don't feel contempt. You just want to sit down with your cup of tea. that's OK. We all have to turn off the ever-present once in a while. But Isaac's Grandmom really misses you both, and needs a shot of Isaac's imagination once in a while. I'll be so glad to see you in March!!

Dianne said...

I'm asking very nicely - I have a curiosity about wildebeests that has been stirring within me

pretty please ;)

Anonymous said...

Vvvvildebeests were just in the chapter we did on "Water" this week! (In my best BBC accent), "Every year, millions of wildebeests move across Africa, looking for water and the grass that water provides." Pretty please with extra lima beans, Isaac, tell me what you know! xoxo Auntie Pam in NZ

Dianne said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Dear Isaac!!!!!
Happy Birthday to you

Kitty said...

Hey all,

Dianne, how did you know today is the day?? (2/20) Thanks.

So, I've actually been trying to upload that darn video and it keeps crashing. Since my birthday boy is crashed - i suspect for the night - when my geek husband gets home I'll ask for his help. Wildebeests are in your future!

Dianne said...

I knew because I have connections in powerful places within NJ

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