Tuesday, March 17, 2009

dollar store book part II

I'm still reading this book and laughing so hard I could rupture something.

What you need:

18- or 20-gauge tin
Rubber cement
Aviation snips
Drill and drill bits
Jeweler's saw
Abrasive scrubbing pad
2 feet of copper pipe
Soldering gun or propane torch
Spray enamel
Large glass jewels
Scrap of red glass
Epoxy glue

...If you're like me, maybe you're looking at this list thinking "What You Need...to Escape Alcatraz?" In fact, it's all you need to make a whimsical cat craft for your garden, silies!

1 comment:

bobbie said...

Honey, I've been around for 77 years and never needed all those things. What planet is this author from?

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