Sunday, February 14, 2010

What's your IKEA name?

The other day, Isaac was running about climbing me, sitting on me, and generally abusing me.

“What am I to you?” I mock-scolded him. “Furniture!!?”

I then proceeded to stiffen my body, holding out my arms like the arms of a chair. This made Isaac laugh riotously and, of course, jump into my lap to try out the new living room piece.

“You know, I'm sure that not too far in the past, I was cool. I just know it. When did I become furniture?”

At this, Mr. Isaac stops and cocks his head earnestly, thinking. “Um, when you got married?” he tries.

The damn kid stops me dead in my tracks every time.

Go to this link to find out your true furniture identity. It's funny. Do it.


Barbara said...

Smart kid, that Isaac. Has an intuitive grasp of the larger world around him, no?

Reminds me of something Ella said recently. When asked what's Daddy's job, she said "work." When asked what's Mommy's, she said "clean?"


Anonymous said...

It's me, Rita. Man, I have really been enjoying catching up on your blog, from the kid memory of the crowd he's not 100% sure of to questioning Zap on the mango goo! Speaking of language, remember the presidential campaign debate hyped as bilingual? Basically they thought they were cool for acknowledging there are Spanish speakers. Reminds me of Birch Lane Elementary School's approach to cultural sensitivity.
I love your fragments of pure beauty, and the pure fun-in-truth.
Peace & love.

bobbie said...

It's me - Bjarbarke
At least that's what Ikea says.
He does come up with some clever ideas!

Dianne said...

Hi, I'm Dyan and I'm a chair

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