Sunday, April 18, 2010

two tickets to the next typhoon, please: a love story

Kind of gives the “blast off” that ended the last post new meaning, doesn't it?

Eyjafjallajökull. Right. But we're all friends here, aren't we? How about a nickname? Eyja? Kull? How about Ted. Let's go with Volcano Ted. So, while I would like to impress upon you how very little a vacation in New Jersey feels like the one I anticipated in Ireland, I'm also aware of what a better position I might be in over a couple other people. Ted, you rascal. And I think, truly, that if you have the means, you might consider getting yourself to an airport or the hotels in the vicinity and adopting yourself a European or two for the time being. I'm quite serious.

We tried to fly the day of the biggest blizzard to hit the east coast in I dunno how long. We tried to fly the day of the biggest air traffic groundings since September 11, 2001. We is ALL about timing, baby.
Perhaps we should just book now for the next typhoon season. And when I said that to my husband, he surprised my figurative ass with this story:

Mike is part of a typhoon project at work (that much I knew before) where they've asked for three shifts of volunteers to live on Guam for three weeks each waiting for a typhoon to spring up at which time they'd hop on a plane and fly directly into it. This would be repeated as many times as there were typhoons in the three-week period. Something about measuring atmospheric conditions and ocean temperature. He declined.

Allow me to point out that many people, myself included, would likely have come home after being propositioned thusly and told the story. It could have begun over the dinner table in the form of “You won't BE-LEEEVE what happened at work today...” But I am married to Mike. Captain Understated. Champion of Bedrock Emotion. Therefore, I may never have learned about his opportunity to play the ball in a large and experimental game of pinball had I suggested, say, tickets to the next UFO invasion or large-scale blackout. Let me go on record as thanking a certain volcano, and you know who you are, for this chance to blurt out sarcastic comments and, consequently, grow that much closer to my life partner.

Be well and stay out of the ash clouds.


Susannah said...

Well now I can say I know someone who was personally affected by the Volcano! Sorry you are not in Ireland! But hopefully you can blast off soon.

bobbie said...

I am so SO happy that he declined!

Dianne said...

but NJ has so much to offer
we have green fields
and drunks
and people who talk funny

and if you get on the parkway real late at night you'll see people driving on the other side of the road

something tells me you guys have a great time wherever you go
and I know of one grandmother who was thrilled by the side trip

I always fly when I'm sick
usually a sinus infection
makes landing so much fun

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry, Kitty, that your trip to Ireland was canceled. I went last year with my family and must admit that I still kind of dream about the Guinness. It's different (and good) over there and it's the first thing I think of when I remember the trip. Oh yeah that, and traveling with 15 other members of my husband's extended story. Hence, the Guinness.

The snow globe story is hilarious and well told. Lordy, I do hope the terrorists are planning their future attacks using snow globes as it seems Homeland Security is all over that one.


-Honest Mom (Veronica)

Barbara said...

wait -- is it completely canceled or just postponed? that sucks! where are you now?

Kitty said...

Okay, so my friend now tells me she saw a sign recently at security that said "No Snow Globes" !

Barb - completely canceled. if we waited it out longer it meant another drive back and forth to the airport (almost 2 hours each way) and another risk of cancellation and the time we'd have to spend once we got there was dwindling.

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