Monday, January 17, 2011

almost six years old

In a week that included discussions of who Martin Luther King, Jr and Cesar Chavez were, and why grandmom was cremated and not buried, and how anyone knows what the center of the earth is like, and if dogs or cats can see better, and why hurricanes don't come to where we live, and are we sure?, and whether alligators are omnivores... there was also the following conversation, which reminds me once again that children require simple answers, not because they are simple, but because there is just so much freaking else to get on with.

"Do Lily and Emma have a dad?"

"Nope. They have two moms."

(concerned look, big sigh) "So, I have a question..."


"Do computers know EVERYTHING in the whole entire world??"


Michelle said... are great....Michelle

Boonie S said...

Well that certainly puts it into perspective - and it made me smile too.

Have a good weekend, Boonie

Dianne said...

can he be elected president?

love that face

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