Friday, February 04, 2011

coastal comparisons

A biased, abridged list of the differences between California, where we currently reside, and Massachusetts, where we may possibly move...

Current Weather:
(central coast of) CA – 70 degrees and sunny. MA – nowhere left to put the snow
Native Heritage:
CA – usurps the names of Native Americans for spa and resort facilities. MA – usurps the names of Native Americans for highways
Town Names:
CA – typing random CA towns into Google may bring results including Beach Boys' lyrics. MA – typing random MA towns into Google may bring results including Puritan England
CA – known for the rolling stop, tagged the “Hollywood stop” in Northern CA. MA – known for completely f-ed up intersections that were paved sometime slightly after the Mayflower landed.
CA – liberal lipservice done in every time by Orange County. MA – Gay marriage legal.
CA – just because it's bank-owned, doesn't mean you shouldn't pay half a million for it. MA – affordable housing options
CA – largest deficit of any state, but thank god we've cut the car tax and filled the prisons. MA – also in debt, yet their residents enjoy the anomaly of health insurance.
CA – Awesome Mexican food on every block. MA - ---

The pro/con list has long failed to fit the bill when it comes to decision-making.

1 comment:

Dianne said...

the pro/con list doesn't help much does it

It will come to you though, it will
I've visited both states and found crap and wonder in both so clealry I'm not help either

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