Friday, March 11, 2011

some soundbites from the last few weeks

(looking out the window as we fly to a layover stop in Las Vegas)
“Is that a desert?”


“A REAL LIVE desert??”



“No camels.”


(at the rehearsal dinner for my friend's wedding, with an awful cold and knowledge of desserts ahead)
“Momby? It's weawy hard to breab.”

“We need to leave, Isaac, and put you to bed.”

“Whab aboud da tweats?”

(while getting dressed for the wedding the clip-on tie in one hand, holding up the untied tie in the other)
“This one's broken!”

(explaining his recent clingyness through the music & rhythm instruction he's gotten at school – learning basic four-beat bars, “ti-ti” = eighth notes, “ta” = quarter note)
“You've been wanting a lot of Mommy cuddles lately, huh? Do you know why?

“You know how there's “Ti-Ti Ta Ta Rest? Well, you're the Rest!”

(when his video clip wouldn't play on the computer)
“Click again!”

“Honey, I've clicked a hundred times; it doesn't want to work.”

“Punch the computer then!”

“Believe me, that method's been tried.”

(playing demolition with his blocks)
"Everything was wiped out! There was a WIND STORM! A THUNDERSTORM! A HURRICANE! A TOMATO!"


Rita said...

Ya gotta love 'im! And he has such natural poetry in him, the way he uses metaphor (do you like being "the rest?").
Hey, do you remember singing, "The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes?"

Dianne said...

I love the broken tie!!

this all made me smile so much
thanks kiddo

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