Saturday, July 16, 2011

Northampton, Massachusetts

Okay, enough of this chronicling in an orderly fashion. Here's the live scoop – we've been here for a month. Except, not really *here.* We're staying with Mike's aunt in a town *near* Northampton. I thought my fine readers deserved a quick update, and then perhaps, after this, I can get back to the charming, literary entries you've all become accustomed to. Well, the “entries” part, anyway.

Oh, where to begin?? We have not really processed the trip. We hit the ground running and with any luck may close on a house the first week of August. Just in time to unpack a box or two, rip out the hideous green carpet, then have a baby and let the rest stand in chaos for the following three years.

We have juuuuust a little going on these days: Staying at someone else's house, in the process of buying our own – talking to realtors, bankers, lawyers, home inspectors...I really can't keep up, shopping for lists of things I need for a home birth (as if I have a home), shopping for lists of things Isaac needs for school in the fall, sending Isaac to a summer program, new bank accounts, new car registration, new vets, new doctors, new dentists, new midwives, Mike working at “home,” 90 degree heat, and a dead clutch, to name a couple. (that final bit is not referring to the van, which continues to kick ass and has a twin in town somewhere we've spotted a couple times, but my nemesis, the Mazda, which we shipped and which arrived with clutch ready for the trash – story about Matt the mechanic to follow.)

I feel a wee overwhelmed. If only I were Kramer from Seinfeld and could do everything at once, no sweat. Remember the one about driving the bus and fighting off the mugger? Go here for a blast from the sitcom past:

Maybe we'll just move on for now to a few pictures.

My son is still a goofball.
Emily is still clearly traumatized by the trip...
And misses the port o' potty.
found a cool market for my farmer's market habit.

this sculpture was labeled "Birth" - Do I need to tell you the artist is a man?
One of several favorite doctored signs around town.
Indeed. - more amusing signage.


Susannah said...

I am enjoying catching up with your travels and your arrival, though things do sound a bit overwhelming, to say the least. I would love to hear more about the house with the green carpet, and where it is etc...

Kitty said...

So, you're saying that you're ready to settle down for a while in a real live home? Me too! But the green carpet place is not ours yet so I don't have much to say about it except that I'm waiting to be in it. We should have financing finished this week. And then we wait for lawyers to do a jig or something.

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