Tuesday, October 25, 2011



We are a people who, approaching an intersection on foot where 2 or 3 people are already standing waiting for the walk signal, immediately press the button, assuming, one is to believe, that the other people forgot to or somehow did it wrong, thus, their continuing stance at the corner.

However, we are also a people who are perfectly willing to believe that a surgical team can saw through the breast bone, stop the heart, empty it of blood, cut it here and sew it there with the ultimate in precision, presumably repairing, without risk of error, what is already the ultimate in perfection.

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Daryl said...

He's so beautiful .. he's got his Grandma watching over him, yes, I do believe in that sort of 'stuff' .. as for surgeons and open heart surgery I believe as well .. this past winter my husband underwent two major surgeries in 6 days .. the first was necessary to clean up an infection that ate both a disc in his spine and the aortic value in his heart .. before the heart could be repaired the spine surgery had to be performed .. he's a lot older than Rhys and he's even better now than he was before and I know Rhys will be too .. tho looking at the face its hard to believe he could be any more perfect xo

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