Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In a room where a baby is sleeping

In a room where a baby is sleeping, there is both an overflow of thoughts and a stagnation of thinking. In this indeterminate period while youth is so extreme, where fragility is named next to frustration, we move in isolation, quiet and bemused in our fortune and our hopelessness. There is a self, forgotten or misplaced that mocks us from its dark corner and we arrive before it desperate and out of breath just as the baby stirs again and on looking back we find the self has vanished into the shadows. In a room where a baby is sleeping, worlds are born and die away in instants, in our minds, in our fogged hours, in a room where a baby is sleeping.

1 comment:

Susannah said...

This meditation is almost like a lullaby.

You've captured the shadow self, and the fleet moments of insight amidst the sometimes numbing demands of motherhood so well.

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