Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The New Englanders 10

In some places it's said you ask for so much as directions you're likely to get an earful – stories about what used to be on the corner, who's cousin left town before the War, the plight of farming. The New Englanders believe in the art of summation. If it's directions you want, you'll get them and Good Day. This kind of talent for efficiency could only be God-given. Brevity and directness are rewarded. The world has many gods. The New Englanders are not forsaken.


Christine Broz said...

I love reading these shorts about New Englanders because it brings back so many memories of living in the Boston area: the working class arms dangling out the car window, the craziness of round-abouts, the unmarked streets (meant to confuse outsiders), and the giving of directions. The later usually contained some reference to Dunkin' Donuts.

Heather said...

Ok, don't smack me (digitally) but can I point out your typos?

Kitty said...

H - yes, of course. Was it that weirdly placed comma or something more glaring that I don't see? These are, after all, written in the crevices of time my life provides and so do not get the grammatical attention they deserve.

C - I'm glad and glad Susannah is also enjoying them. I wasn't sure how they'd be received.

Save us all from Duncan Freaking Donuts.

Kitty said...

Ah! Ah! I found it. Oh, vomitous error.

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