Monday, August 29, 2005

Happy Birthday, Fetal Positions!

My blog turns one year old today!

In a little retrospective, I was glancing back at some of my more favorite-er entries over the pregnancy.

Stuff like August 30th's "Your Baby and Citris Fruit" Sept 14th's ""the fat lady's float" Sept 16th "into this chaos, a new life" and October 5th's "il bambino bilingue."

October 8th is an interesting one since it's another fiasco with the Jetta. Then there was October 20th "In a bi-costal state of mind" - though it had little relation to babies or motherhood (or cars). I liked November 3 (what child is this?), 8 (the chemical make up of ginger chews) and 15 (my little fruit fly), and December 28 (a gathering of grandmas). Jan 7 and 27 hold some interest too. And I realize that if I was savvy and had time to spare I'd make links to these pages, not that you all have time to spare.

Anyway, there it is. My own half-assed retrospective. Meanwhile, Isaac is rolling around like a log these days and cutting tooth number three...loudly and with significant drama. And me? Hey. I'm an old pro. Like, well, I thought about whether or not the ink was non-toxic after I smooshed his little foot into it to preserve his tiny toes in the baby book, didn't I? (Dude, it was for the book. )


Monterey John said...

Happy anniversary!

Running from my House said...

Happy Blogday!

i found yours from Durty Martini, and though I'm not pregnant, or even thinking about it, i enjoy your blog quite a bit. I also *LOVE* Eddie "cake or death" Izzard.

Kitty said...

Thanks for the well wishes from both of you! I know I need to post-post-post. -- John likes to be after me on that. I've had not so much time. Add car shopping to life with baby and ...ew. And Running - Yay! Another reader revealed! For those who don't know Durty Martini is tracy - who writes brilliantly and you should all look at her blog. And now I will investigate running's.
Do you have a *flag*? - EI

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