Tuesday, February 05, 2008

blog roll

Okay, send them my way. The blogs. Recommend me a blog or two, not more than two for now, please. My mother has scolded me for having no blog roll. (Okay, I admit, I had to ask her what a blog roll was.) Send me your favorites and I'll check em out. I'd like more cross action on this durn thing. If anyone is out there...?
In other news, it's election day here in CA. But then, as we all know, CA doesn't have a corner on that market today. I tell you, I was bursting with pride when I arrived at the church across the street - my voting hub - and found that American flag duct taped to the bricks outside. We went back to paper ballots apparently. I can't keep up.

In California, if you don't belong to a party like moi, you are allowed to vote in the Democratic primary but not the Republican primary. Not that I'm out there begging to pick a Republican, but the law could have interesting implications.

The Republican race feels like choosing a teeshirt color. (This is CLEARLY HYPOTHETICAL, BECAUSE WE WON'T ULTIMATELY CHOOSE ONE IN THE REAL ELECTION THIS TIME, RIGHT? RIGHT????) At first, it's harmless. There they all are, an amusing rainbow. As a pack the bold or weird or ugly balance each other. Some are eliminated off the bat -- army green or some pukey lemon green color that looks horrible on you (Giuliani...), but then you realize that one will have to stand without the rest, one will have to be everything you need. And while you thought the teal blue shade was mildly interesting in its own right (Romney), now you feel panicky, like that can't be the one and maybe you should pick a standard staple color like white (McCain), even though you have a closet full of those at home already. It's all so confusing and you liked it better when you felt like you owned them all, standing there in the store staring at the display, before you'd have to think about it for real, out on the streets of life.


bobbie said...

I wasn't scolding you. But here are two blogs for you:
The first because I love it so much. The second because you will probably love it. (lots of tree pictures. Little text)

Sally said...

writer, singer-songwriter, former Central Coast resident.....

Anonymous said...

Have you heard of Harry's Blog yet? Harry was a British soldier in WW1. He wrote letters home from the field. His grandson is posting his letters into a blog exactly 90 years after they were written. You have to keep reading the blog to see what happens to Harry. I think it's a brilliant idea. Not every letter's interesting, but some are fascinating.


Dianne said...

I come here from your Mom's blog! I love the correlation of T-shirt color to candidate although all the Republicans are puke green to me :)

As I type this I spy Persepolis out of the corner of my eye - just saw the filmaker on Colbert's show so I'm off to that post.

See ya in a minute :)

kenju said...

Your mom sent me, and I don't know what you're looking for, but one of my favorites is Everyday Stranger. You can find it in my blogroll (you'll have to come to my blog to find it.) It's not for everyone, but this woman is a new mother of twins after several tries with IVF. She's a very good writer.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, only two? Hard.

I think I've already sent you to bitchphd.blogspot.com, which has recently become a group blog. Smart politics, academic, and mommy-talk.

For the other, I'll send you to http://www.birdchick.com/blog.html, because it is quirky and fun and makes something I'd never thought very hard about (birding, mostly, with some bee-keeping and occasional mushroom-hunting) just fascinating. Plus, she's a friend and neighbor of Neil Gaiman, one of my favorite authors, who has his own blog (this makes three, because I'm a rule-breaker by nature) here: http://journal.neilgaiman.com/.


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