Sunday, February 03, 2008

what? are ya made of sugar?

Okay, look. I really can't take this any more.

I mean the way my brain is slowly but surely melting away to nothing. Ever since the dawn of parenthood my identity has been irrevocably shifted to - I still don't know what, my sensitivities have been heightened to unmanageable levels (Just saw Persepolis. It's amazing and torturously heartbreaking), and I can't spell for shit. Door nob? Door NOB? What-the hell-ever.

I'm dissolving.

It's been raining here for weeks. Truly, I can't quite believe there is that much rain to rain. Not that I'm complaining. We need it and it's good to write to and sleep to and it goes well with the hibernation of winter/introspective time of the year. I'm just worried that with everything else I have going against a semblance of self, the rain might be the final straw and I'll just melt away completely. The onlee traise of me lefft will be my jurnal floting in a puddel.


bobbie said...

Keep going, girl. The good thing is, you have become extremely prolific with your poetry of late. It must be helping you with that at least.
We all love you, so don't be melting away too soon. You aren't the witch in the Wizard. Keep swimming!

Shelly said...

I found you through Bobbie, and that last sentence made me laugh really hard. Thanks for the chuckle.

Dianne said...

Yes that last sentence is pure genius. Don't melt!

Tell us more about Persepolis. I'd love to hear about it from someone who saw it. I can't find anyone who has plus something tells me your perspective would be startling and beautiful.

Kitty said...

Persepolis was just amazing and the power of black and white animation - who knew?? It was educational in terms of history and it was all the things you fear - when you dare think about it - happens to children because of war. Well, not all, but anyway. It drew me in right away. It was also funny and the animation, with slight alterations, allowed for a really wide range of perspectives (if that's the word) that you wouldn't expect - LIke making comic, bafoon (sp?)-like figures out of some of the characters And the thought of how many people/children are dealing with this horror NOW, as I watched the movie, was jolting. I was very interested in her process as an artist in creating it. One odd thing was that the animation made me half irrationally worried that there were kids somewhere in the room watching; my fantasy subconscious was very concerned.

Dianne said...

thanks so much for all that info - I'm looking forward to seeing it.

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