Saturday, September 06, 2008


We stare together at the x-ray of your two front teeth. One is pushed back just slightly, so slightly I almost can't tell until the dentist points it out. Above the pair of baby teeth, the two adult teeth waiting to replace them sit in the gum line, fully-formed.

Relief: no crack in the root.

I wasn't there when you fell, smacked your mouth on the cement. I was only there through the dried blood and swollen face, the popsicles and soup broth. And now this.

You are content in the big mechanical chair, your eye on the treasure box you'll soon get to pick from. And I am thinking about those teeth - the ones tucked away from view - imagining what other wonders of yours I still cannot see though they are already whole, complete, waiting their turn, like a second chance.


Dianne said...

Ouch! Oh there will be many of these, especially if he decides to play sports.

As much as I feel for sweet Isaac it's you I want to hug.

bobbie said...

What other wonders await...

That's what it's all about, isn't it?
That's the awe inspiring truth of it. The things you cannot anticipate. They will amaze you, and sometimes crush your spirit,and sometimes thrill you, and sometimes just make you feel so proud. Your son!

I've experienced it four times. It's a little terrifying, and it's very wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I was always told that life was a one-shot deal, that there were no "do-overs." This from two go-for-the-gusto sort of brothers. But now I know better. Life gives us many chances to learn, to understand, to get it right.
I just never knew you could see them on dental x-rays.

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