Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Reading: it does a body good

Updated the sidebar for books.

Nevermind that a visit to an ofrenda (an altar) at our local Mexican bakery to explain the Day of the Dead to Isaac, sent me scurrying away again when front and center there was a hunka-chunka, bleeding crucifix and I worried the first up-close exposure my son would have to violence and gore would be from that grand and troubled tradition some call Christianity, Day of the Dead is another matter and quite cool and now there's a book to prove it.

My own literary adventures come - as always - with questions, questions, and Alice McDermott has me particularly baffled. "After this" I'm going back to short stories and poetry.

I find it interesting that there are always summer reading lists -- Now, in the cold and rain and snow is when we should be curled up with a pile of books. Go forth and be literate. And send me your recommendations!


bobbie said...

Don't know McDermott. Don't think I want to.]
I am chuckling over Isaac looking for dancing skeletons in graveyards. I would love to have heard your explanation of Dia de los Muertos. I'd love to have heard your explanation of muertos to a three and a half year old. That's a tough one.

And why are the words in your word verification so loooonnnng?

Anonymous said...

A book I loved when I was teaching the small ones, and have only just today rediscovered: "Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present", by Charlotte Zolotow. I was given the school library's last copy because it hadn't been checked out since 1996. Our librarian knows I cherish the old ones...It is sweet, gentle, and is about finding a lovely present for a Mom.
Not a bad motivation, that.

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