Wednesday, November 05, 2008

reflections on last night

(Note - I added just a couple more tidbits to yesterday's blog, too.)

Conversation among strangers at the Monterey Farmer's Market:

Person 1: New Hampshire!
Person 2: Pennsylvania!
Person 1: Pennsylvania?!
Person 3: Ohio!
Person 1 & 2: Ohio!!??
Person 3: Florida!
Persons 1, 2, & 3: Woooooohoooooo!

At the victory party at the Golden State Theatre in Monterey (free and open to the public), the mood was obviously joyous. We were allowed again to be in love with people we didn't know. We hugged each other and laughed.

There was a countdown to 8 pm – the close of the polls in California. Boy, if I've ever felt left out out here in the west...time differences, philosophical differences...last night I was proud. Right after that countdown, we looked up at the screen and two things happened simultaneously: the shape of California flashed a beautiful shade of blue on the map and our 55 electoral votes rung up for Obama sending him over the 270 mark he needed to win. The cheer in the room was a couple decibels louder than my ears could handle.

Around 8:30-something, I pulled myself away and zipped home in time to hear Obama's speech. Even though I had been craving communal company, now I wanted my family.

There were fireworks going off in our neighborhood. When I got home, Isaac was already asleep. But then, a couple minutes in, he woke up somehow.

For a few precious minutes we were all together, watching, Mike and I teary, Isaac in my lap. I didn't care that Isaac might not understand most of what was being said. I was confident he could and should hear any/every word, knowing how much it meant, knowing no one was going to shout “Drill! Drill! Drill!” or anything else offensive or frightening.

Maybe he'll remember something from last night. Maybe, even, it'll be one of his first memories. Maybe he'll carry that indescribable feeling with him. This is one of the ways we find out what's important.

The camera focused on a sign held above the heads of the crowd in Chicago.

“You know what that sign says, Isaac, huh?”

For an instant he forgets the weighty sleep pulling on him.

He straightens in my lap, smiles at his own big boy smarts. “Obama!”

And finally, from Pravda, the online version of the Russian news source: " choosing Obama, the people of America have opted to come back into the international fold. Welcome back, friends! "


bobbie said...

This was wonderful! I wish I had been there with you!

Dianne said...

Oh I hope it is one of his memories

the quote from Pravda made me cry. My Grandmother came here from Russia and she loved Americans. Even when she was treated badly by agencies she always said that Americans were good people :)

thank you for being part of yesterday!

Kitty said...

Dianne, I'm glad (I think) that the quote made you cry!

Just when I thought I'd been moved to tears all I could be this week, I read a piece in the paper about another local victory party in which a woman told the reporter how the man in the voting booth next to her had asked for her help -- He couldn't read and he wanted to know where Barack Obama's name was. !

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