Tuesday, July 13, 2010

newspaper article about my mom

The Press of Atlantic City did a little piece on my mom. Kind of cool. Not everyone gets a column about them to add to their legacy! I am grateful for this little surprise gift.

I talked to the reporter for at least half an hour, which newspaper - I'm all too familiar with this medium - converted to a sentence. But that's okay. That's why I have this space.

I bet she'd be completely shocked that someone wrote about her. Life is full of surprises, mom, even when it's over.


Daryl said...

she would have thought it was cool ...

Susannah said...

I really enjoyed reading the article about your mom! I am so glad that something happened to balance out the nasty obituary guy.

Kitty said...

Daryl, hmm, yeah. I think she would.

Susannah, thanks. I thought the same thing.

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