Saturday, March 12, 2005

Isaac, Volume 1

I believe it’s a good thing that when I looked at my new-born son for the first time, I did not crush him to my chest and weep with recognition of "my baby". Rather, we stared at each other with mutual curiosity and befuddlement. It's a good thing because maybe I'll be less inclined to expect things of him and more apt to discover who he really is. For my part, I am still wondering about this little person and just how it's happened that he has been delivered to my care. (Nine months, labor, and how many blog entries later, I still don’t get it. Sue me.)

We’re getting to know each other -- slowly. It’s kind of, but not really, like when you meet someone you really click with and you stay up all night talking, except we just stay up all night and there’s not much talking. There’s some eating and some crying, a few nonsense songs, and a lot of time spent trying to figure out what the hell the other one wants.

That’s just it. Without clear cues, like for instance Isaac telling me "Mother, I’d care for a snack please." or "Would you be so kind as to unwrap my legs so I may kick violently while I’m filling my diaper?" – which would be helpful as cues go – we’re left to try to read each other on some other level.

Here’s what I’ve learned about my son in the first three weeks:

  • He prefers one sock on at a time. It’s daring, I know, but with the aggressive marketing campaign I’ve laid out it should be hot on the runway this fall
  • He must have his arms outside the covers at all times. The better to conjure spells at a moment’s notice. Screw preschool, I’m reserving this kid a space at Hogwart’s.
  • He startles at things like the CD player changing CDs, but makes no response when the smoke alarm low battery warning shrieks. Awww, how sweet, selective hearing – definitely from his dad’s side.
  • He wears his hats at jaunty angles and can take on the appearance of a fry cook, a sailor, a hip hop artist, or a Smurf, depending on his mood. Flexibility in today’s job market – a must!

Maybe it’s a rather paltry collection of information so far, but I suppose a mother has to start somewhere.

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G Dawney said...

You're doing right well, Miss Kitty, to have figured out so much in so short a time... Keep up the good work!

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