Saturday, December 22, 2007

Dear Santa,

Me 'mall bi-ickle no hab pedals. I want... (You should ask Santa nicely, Isaac) I would wike a bi-ickle wid pedals go real fast and a fire hat. I want a baby doll shirt come off. No come in house. Mama drive meet you and get da presents.

Love, Isaac


Barbara said...

extremely cute. I like "no come in house." Ha!

Kitty said...

yeah, he had a major meltdown the other day about how he didn't want Santa Claus to come in the house. It is kind of frightening when you think about it -- a man who sees you no matter what ready to pass judgement - sounds like the god of my youth. I wasn't too fond of him either.

Anonymous said...

Your boy continues to knock me out. Judy

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