Thursday, December 27, 2007


Central Calif. -- Midday on Tuesday, The Squash lost its two-month battle to be completely consumed, landing in pieces in the compost pile of its Central California home and quickly being covered by a layer of sycamore leaves. It is survived by a gunky, rusty-orange-colored ring on top of the washing machine. Plans for a memorial service are pending. In lieu of sending flowers, the family has asked that you eat all your vegetables.


Anonymous said...

You never fail to crack me up. I'm sorry I'm too late in sending the pumpkin coffeecake recipe. It's currently zucchinis coming out of your ears season over here (if you have friends with gardens larger than mine :-) xoxo Pam

Anonymous said...

The frozen pumpkin population here acknowledges the passing of their old friend giant orange squash and offers condolences to the family.

bobbie said...


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