Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Alright, I'm starting to feel guilty.

My mom keeps blogging away about our visit there last week and I'm talking about gophers and urine-soaked carpet.

She kept asking me if we should “get together” on what we were going to blog about regarding our experiences. Ain't she cute? Thinking our ideas might overlap.

My mom writes about days and lives and lifetimes. I write about moments. It's the same thing, really. And not.

I can't believe she didn't post this picture of laughing Isaac from the trip; it's my favorite.

We see our families so rarely it's difficult. It's difficult not to have them. It's difficult figuring out how to see them. It's difficult to leave. I've written about past encounters with grandmothers and the like when Isaac was an infant. The real reward of this trip was that Iz is finally at the age when he can start remembering all these far away people who love him.

We have our photos running as a screen saver on our computer. All I have to say about the matter is, if it's been once it's been a thousand times this week that Isaac has called to me frantically “Mama, come! Come, Mama!” Thinking the cat must be on fire, I race into the living room where my son is leading over the arm of the couch grinning like he's waiting for the parade to pass by. He points to the computer screen where inevitably some picture ancient or recent of my mom is fading onto or off of the screen. “Look, Mama!” he squeals, “It's Grandmom!”


bobbie said...

Thank you, baby, this was sweet. And I love the giggling picture too. Had to leave one for you to post, didn't I? It's nice to know that Isaac remembers Grandmom and likes to see me on the screen. You know I have you all as screen savers. Makes me feel happy just to see you there. Thanks for going through all it takes to cross those 3000 miles.

Dianne said...

I saw the hug picture on bobbie's blog but I love seeing it again. Just the sweet act of reaching up with those perfect little arms, melts my heart.

and yes, giggling picture is a winner too.

love the image of Isaac watching the screen-saver like a parade.

The Pagan Sphinx said...

Hi, Kitty

I came over via your lovely mom's blog. That is one cute little guy you have there. The photos, both here and at bobbie's are a delight.

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