Wednesday, April 09, 2008

National Poetry Month

We're almost two weeks into National Poetry Month. Have you hugged a poet today?

NYC is even sponsoring a Poem in Your Pocket Day, April 17. Makes a person want to get up and move across the country.

But as it is, I just updated my "What We're Reading" sidebar, which is really all I could manage and while I should have chosen a poetry book for Isaac's too, I'm inconsistent and my rug is unvaccumed and I'm lucky if I remember to eat, though judging by the way my jeans are fitting, you'd think I don't have any problem, and I have to go pick up my son, and I looked on line for this Sharon Olds poem I really like but I can't find it and it's called "The Sound"and then I considered her poem "The Pope's Penis" but I don't have time to answer hate mail and there's this line, this LINE in the Sound poem that goes "We improvise on the edge of milk and sleep" and well, shit, I don't even know what it means, but I wish I wrote it.

May your day be wild with poetry.


bobbie said...

I put the PiYP logo on my blog and wrote a few lines about it.

Kitty said...

Did I mention that last night, while I was hosting the monthly poetry reading series at our local groovy cafe, one of the poets read a poem in praise of the gopher? It was quite tongue in cheek, of course, but I was like DOH! Why didn't I think of that? Love the little gremlins out.

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