Wednesday, April 23, 2008

more garden

I'm struggling with photo location on upload here, but anyway. you'll notice they are all closeups. sometimes I don't want to see the dump trucks and the baseballs and the plastic shovels. and sometimes I feel guilty for planting as a renter. my poor plants. uprooted again and again or left behind. what kind of mother am I?


Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Kitty! Obviously you are an excellent mother. Your garden is beautiful. The toys just add a little more character to your garden. Lisa

bobbie said...

You're a good mother to your plants too. Look how long you carried your little house plants in the car on the way to CA - and they survived, didn't they? You have the knack.

Dianne said...

lovely, lovely garden photos

I'm sure you're a great green Mom.

bobbie said...

When you click to enlarge these they are fantastic!!

Kitty said...

Yeah, I meant to mention that some are much better bigger. I like the rose with the pink geraniums in the background. It had sprinkled rain the night before so the water drops are not a set up - they're real! I also like my beets in the last entry and my poppy front and center backed in purple ice plant.

Anonymous said...

Wow Kitty,
Your garden is lovely and what a sanctuary for all who visit/inhabit it including your little one. Anyone you rent from should cherish you!


Anonymous said...

What ARE those stunning little pink heart-shaped guys? Can I have a cutting? Those photos all knock my proverbial sox off! Judy

Kitty said...

the pink hearts are Bleeding Heart (Dicentra). (Those are geranium leaves behind it.)

Thanks for all the comments!

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