Saturday, December 20, 2008

pen name perhaps?

It's that time of year again -- the time of year when despite the choices I made 7 years ago, all of my husband's family, high school, college, and work friends send us Christmas cards addressed to us under the same name - his.

"What if you have a FAMILY??!!!" they pleaded when the news originally made the rounds. What indeed. Has it stopped us from having a family? No, clearly, Mr Isaac wanted to be born despite many other much bigger obstacles than a name. Are our dance parties in the living room something lesser because I didn't go all around the world twice to try and get my driver's license changed?

Everyone from in-laws to bank tellers chastised me about keeping my name when Mike and I got married. And to them all - a very spirited middle finger.

This is the season of festive frolicking and deck the yadda yadda. So, while the mailbox overfloweth, calling out to a non-existent personage, I've decided to stop flipping out about it (well, almost). I try now to think of it as my gift to all of them.

It's that time of year again, when I become, just for a season, for the sake of an envelope, the person they desperately want me to be.


Barbara said...

Funny you get his last name. I usually don't get Chris's, just strange variations, my favorite of which is just "Chris, Barb, and Ella" in the name line, then our address. You can almost picture them throwing up their hands and saying "screw it just use the first name."

bobbie said...

What's in a name anyway? Hmmmm Didn't someone else say that once? Well, I kind of like having all of my children still with the same last name. Don't know what all the fuss is about.

Dianne said...

you wanna hear a great one!

I share a house with my son and his wife, this year many people sent us ONE card!!

some just put the surname and I guess that's OK - my DIL is hyphenated

BUT - a few put
Jeffrey and Connie and Mom
or surname and mom

wtf!? my son gets married and I'm no longer a person?

so what was I? a keeper of the male flame until it was passed to the wife?

I'm getting worked up again - Oy!!

Kitty said...


Is there something I can do to encourage this use of my name instead of his?


Yes, but what if YOU had a different last name than all the rest of us? Now, that's the question.

Oh Maaan, Dianne,

your son is married??? I was just thinking, if things ever went downhill with Mike...

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