Saturday, December 20, 2008

Flashback December


Over these last 11 days of the month/year, I'd like to invite you to take a stroll down Fetal Positions' memory lane. Each day I will be linking to a post from December of 2007, 2006, 2005, or even 2004 - yes, I go back that far, ladies and gentlemen! to when the fetal positions were truly fetal and there was no Isaac as we know him today.

Maybe it's nostalgia with the end of another year, maybe it's inspiration from receiving the daily Writer's Almanac emails and all their historical tidbits, or, maybe it's just that I'm completely lazy and out of new ideas. Think of it as the ghost of Decembers past. Whatever the impetus, let FLASHBACK DECEMBER guide you into 2009!

We'll begin with this one from December 18, 2007. It's titled "tomorrows - full of possibility." It's a conversation between myself and a not-yet-three Isaac centering around the topic of a particular sleigh.

Enjoy! (And you'll have to do that squiggly line, dreamy screen thing yourself.)


bobbie said...

I LIKE "Flashback December"! This one is pretty cute, especially since I have recently seen Isaac's very imaginative version of Santa's sleigh constructed of his stuffed animals.

Incidentally, the word verification for your last post was "slypen". I thought that was pretty funny.

Dianne said...

melt my heart a little more :)

Kitty said...

Yes, it's good to remind myself of his sweetie pie-ness when the grumpy 3 and 10 month year old shows his snotty head.

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