Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa's sleigh and variations on Rudolph in the key of wacky toddler

Here's Isaac's version of Santa's sleigh. The role of Santa this year will be played by Bear. The sleigh is constructed from Emily's cat bed and his stuffed animals - some of which are toys in the sleigh and some of which are playing the part of reindeer.

Isaac is fond of the reindeer, which, as you may be aware are also known as caribou.
While we were in Seattle we visited the zoo. Not my favorite activity, but there we were. Isaac talked constantly beforehand about seeing the lions. He rushed us through the elephant pond, the bats, the flamingos to get to the lions. He wondered aloud if the lions would be roaring.

When we finally made it to the lions, they were in plain sight. A male and female put on a little show for us, teasing each other. Here it was, my son's dream come true. A zoo volunteer crouched down next to him. "Are the lions your favorite animal in the zoo? Have you been waiting to see the lions?" Isaac considered the woman for a long moment before stating solemnly, "My favorite animal is a caribou."


Dianne said...

Isaac is one of the coolest people on the planet

But hey, look at his Mom and his Grandmom! coolness runs thru the generations

It has been wonderful getting to know you this past year. I look forward to more brilliance for 2009

I wish for you all good things

Pagan Sphinx said...

Could Isaac have been showing his loyalty and gratitude to Santa and his reindeer? Cute story.

All of the stuffed animals remind me of my own kids when they were his age. My girls didn't go in much for dolls. They used their bazillion stuffed animals to create every possible play scenario known to children.

I don't collect them as an adult but I have a special fondness for "buddies" which is what the girls called their stuffies. Now all I need is a grandbaby to start buying them for!

And I agree with Dianne about the coolness thing coming from your Mom! :-)

Peace and Light this holiday season.

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