Friday, January 09, 2009

Isaac's Quotes of the Week

To Daddy:
“You're furry. How'd you get so furry?”

To Mama as she puts on tights with a pattern of thin criss-crossed lines:
“You're gonna dress like Spiderman?!”

Conversation at the Frog Pond:
“Mama, how far ducks can fly?”
“I'm not sure, Isaac.”
“Maybe you could make it up.”

Racing himself down the path at the Pond:
“Ready, set...or not set... GO!”

To Mama during imaginary play involving Bob the Builder and a dreidel (and my personal favorite):
“Otay. 'tend Bob cel-da-bwates Han-a-ttah... ”


bobbie said...

I'm sure I don't have to tell you - I LOVE this post! I just love to hear quotes from my grandson. When you were little, I saved yours up each day to tell your Daddy when he got home.

Rita Anne said...

I love it! Wonder if there's a poem in looking into those bright eyes and making up how far ducks fly? But little ones just naturally ARE poetry, whether we put them into lines or not. You sure went around singing everything when you were little.
Yeah, yeah, I'm late commenting. You know I'm late doing anything I actually do.
- Rita

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