Saturday, January 03, 2009

Lists at the New Year

There are so many:
top 100 whatevers of the year that's passed,
famous people who have also passed,
or the worst:
personal resolutions.

There they are.
Bulleted or numbered.
Not even sentences!

All that wasted space beyond

organize garage


take up tai chi

Our optimism getting the best of us,
one after another, items machine gun us
with their righteousness, pound us with all they are
that we are not, yet. Like a whipping
with so many beautiful scarves,
hand-painted colors at our eyes,
delicate fringe at our feet,
softest silk at our throats.


bobbie said...


Anonymous said...

Kitty... you are a wordmaster! I love this! Happy New Year, indeed! -Brig.

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