Monday, January 26, 2009


This past weekend, between the rainstorms and the bouts of illness, we managed a very cool, very fun O-Par-tay. We came together to continue the celebration. O-shaped pizza, O-shaped bread stuck with “O” candles, donuts, apple rings, and other O-licious snacks abounded. We played Six Degrees of Separation from Barack (in these parts lots of Leon Panetta references) and BUSH...GO! - the Bush Bingo game, where I called out Bush quotes instead of numbers to the amusement and horror of all participants. Our living room was strung with flags of various nations to symbolize our re-entry into the world community. Floating Obama heads greeted guests who donned various forms of Obama-wear.

While it all starts to sound a bit like idol worship, we were really going more for kitch. And, of course, joy – sheer joy.

And if I ever had any doubt whether Isaac will remember these days, it is drifting ever-so-constantly away. My evening culminated this way:

(post-toothbrushing) “Mama, know why I did extra spits? For Mr. Obama. Cauz when we brush our teeth real good hearts pop up on his shirt. Like it just goes through the computer and prints out. And the hearts say, 'We're really glad you're here. We're really excited you're president now!”


bobbie said...

"extra spits" Well, I guess that's one way to celebrate! Your party sounds like fun. Did you take pictures? How did you know I was going to ask that?

OK. Now I'm going to try to decipher your word verification. From here it looks almost impossible.

Kitty said...

It gets weirder still -- Today Isaac was melting down over something and while curled in my lap trying to get a hold of himself he asked me to "sing the Obama song." I have no idea what the Obama song is, but I made something up that seemed to calm him. I've built a believer.

Yes I took pics and I keep forgetting to ask people if they'd mind me using them. I forgot to take pictures of the food table, though, which is a bummer.

Dianne said...

Isaac is so cool :)

Christine said...

I LOVE it! For once, I'm bummed I missed out on election year hoopla. I'll have to do some extra spits tonight.

Sally said...

I think you are all so cool. I think Isaac will remember it all. He is so lucky to have such an engaged parent(s). Your acts are the seeds of real, sustained change.

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