Tuesday, January 06, 2009

What's the job, Bob?

I know, he looks innocent enough, doesn't he? But this little man has invaded my home.

Right now, we are using the stuff-pack-after-pack-of-cigarettes-in-their- mouths-until-they-can't-wait-to-quit-smoking method.

Put down the phone, the CPS need not be involved. I haven't started Isaac smoking. But I have been letting him watch his library Bob the Builder DVDs until he actually turns them off himself and agrees to come outside with me. I'm doing the best I can here in the trenches.

Now, should I be offended that the "female" trucks are named "Lofty" and "Dizzy?"


bobbie said...

OMG You poor thing!

And to think, I actually have Bob dangling from a handle in my car. I ride around with him every day.

Well, at least there ARE female trucks. He wouldn't allow that females could ever drive one before. The drivers always had to be guys. I guess it isn't quite the same that the trucks themselves are female.

Chris Winters said...

Ella got one of these for the holidays. She likes it okay so far, not like Elmo or anything.

We were surprised (and a little horrified) to see that when you put in the DVD and hit 'Play' it gives you two options: "Play once" or "Play continuously".

Barb surmised (charitably) that the latter option might be used in doctors' offices and such, but I'm not so sure.

Dianne said...

Did I ever mention how much I wanted to kill Elmo?

And Morgan Freeman - yes! Morgan Freeman - he used to do the alphabet segments on Sesame and all day long my son would walk around going


I developed a tic and often stuttered.

Lofty is a cool name and I could tell myself it cancels out Dizzy.

Anonymous said...

Clever strategy... once I ate near a whole plate of divinity from Disneyland... at one sitting (sigh... it hurts to divulge) and well, that cured me of divinity... FOREVER! (right now I am almost hurling) -Brig.
(my real name)

Kitty said...

Mom, get that out of your car! Figures you'd side with the grandkid.

Chris, Ironically, I did a desperate go-to with Bob when Elmo failed us. (I'd hidden some I brought home from the library for emergencies - I have to go and see if the library has any in on my own without Isaac because if they are all checked out, it's too traumatic). Or, sort of failed us. There was this Elmo/Sesame Street video he didn't like at all - scary - and he wanted the "real" Elmo video -- i.e., the one we gave to you that we no longer have... So Bob saved me.

Hey I bet you could relive old times and find that Morgan Freeman thing on You Tube! They think they are helping, these celebs...

We'll have to talk again when I write about how my neighbor now continually supplies us with plates full of brownies and lemon bars...

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