Thursday, September 02, 2004

high school reading lists

the local parent education program has classes once a month on different topics and you can pay 5 bucks and go get questions answered by people in the know. i haven't been and actually it conflicts with my teaching hours so i may never go or else i'll send out my scout (i.e., my husband) and he can get all connected to his feminine side sitting around with a room full of bellies.

they've named this little series "Great Expectations." now, call me a skeptic, but I'm willing to bet the person that came up with that name, hasn't actually read Great Expectations or the like, nor have most of the rest of us bumbling parents-to-be. but nonetheless that doesn't stop us from praising ourselves as clever little bees and laying claim to 19th century writers no one wanted to go near round about the 10th grade. now, for those who skimmed the high school reading list, correct me if I'm wrong, but I do believe Dickens was the one who wrote about the woman stuck in her cobwebby house with all the clocks stopped, still dressed in a yellowing wedding dress, refusing to face reality. Uh, yeah, just checking...

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