Thursday, September 30, 2004


I'm seeing signs that evolution isn't really something we're that good at yet. Thanks to my friend Chris for sending along this link of a 70s pregnancy pamphlet with current commentary. Has anything much changed? – Oh a tad, but fetuses still start out with tails. Check your backsides.

Maybe it was the fourth time my doctor's nurse called me "Kathleen" while holding my chart in her hand that got me thinking. Maybe it was their inability to tell me my first trimester weight gain since they'd forgotten to write it down. Maybe it was the third occasion the office staff didn't call me back when they said they would. Maybe it was the fourth time I asked a question and my doctor shrugged, maybe it was the fifth. Maybe it was the second time she told me in the identical memorized stump speech about the need for HIV testing, while never noticing my family history of diabetes. Maybe it was the doctor who explained to me the dilation race - that I would have to dilate 1.2 centimeters per hour (?!?), or else "Something's wrong!" (read: "Get me the knife!") Maybe it was the third doctor's set of paperwork I filled out where I either signed away my right to a jury and trial in the case of a malpractice suit, or any chance to retain an ob should I decide to even preliminarily inquire or engage the services of a midwife and be dumb enough to tell them. Maybe it was the part I signed about how in the event I should need hospital care while attempting a home birth with a midwife, the doctor has no responsibility to treat me. I mean, the Hypocratic oath is just words, right? Who knows exactly what solidified my decision to call the midwife. Many things go into a decision.

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