Sunday, September 05, 2004

knock three times

Every single morning since I've been more than a few weeks pregnant, I wake up and sneeze three times. Every morning. Three sneezes. One, two, three. They're usually the disturbingly violent kind that scare away the cats and, if god forbid I've started on my toast, send food particles in various states of decay far and wide. Naturally, I say I'm allergic to being pregnant. No one else has provided me with any other viable explanation so far. Recently, however, I've begun to think it may just be the little fetal creature waking up too. Rearing its bulbous head, tickling my insides, reminding me who's in charge.

1 comment:

ooooner said...

I just found your blog and am obviously browsing the archive. Just wanted to say that this entry cracked me up. Your writing style is superb!

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